13. september 2016

Brutal Extreme Triathlon Race Report (in English)

                                 At the summit

Brutal Extreme Triathlons in Wales is intended to be a tough race (called the world's toughest) - and I had an unusually hard day last Saturday.


The swimming conditions were ideal, calm waters with nice temperature (15-16 degrees).
But it started as a nightmare. I got shortness of breath and panic feeling, just like competition some years ago when competed a triathlon with double pneumonia. Tried to relax (backstroke swimming), tried to get air – felt like I was sick. Gradually it got a bit better and I completed the swim in a slow tempo. My shoulder felt OK – did not feel the injury which has prevented me from swimming this summer.  Surprisingly, I was no. 19 out of the water. Swimming time 1hr 35minutter in a course that must have been much longer than the expected 3.8km, (best swimmer approx. 20min faster).

We had 4 rounds in the 47km bike lap making a total of 188km. It was rough, long climbs , with rough asphalt and rough descents which sometimes was blocked by oncoming cars. Got really exhausted, needed to slow down the last rounds. (In retrospect I see I kept pretty steady pace - and had one of the race's fastest bike legs. Advanced to 3rd place already in first lap and bypassed another competitor early in the last lap (which bypassed me soon afterwards). I got more and more exhausted – knowing I had many hours ahead… Last lap I also got problems with his eyes. I actually need higher prescription than is available in cycling-glasses, when I get tired I am not able to focus. Did anyway hold my position as 3rd man when the 6.5h bike ride was over.

Running started with three rugged rounds at 8km (5km flat + 3km steep up and down, road, trail, terrain, and the passage of many gates). Running slowly but steady - a little too slow, was overtaken by several competitors – starting the final mountain pass in 7th position
Mount Snowdon summit, 7.5km run/walk to the summit at 1080meter above sea level - and then down again. Steep, rocky pathway, got gradually darker in the night, fog and high winds. Alternated between walking and running depending on the incline. Running faster than the 2 in front of me – we were 3 competitors together at the summit, with only 4 ahead of us.
-          I couldn’t atake any chances on the steep downhill. Have an old hamstring injury, and I know that if I stumble/fall it might result in cramps walking problems. Meaning it jogged slowely downwards, did not try to follow the others.
-          Anyway quite satisfied, knew nearest competitor was far behind.

Exhausted and satisfied I could run to the finish line after more than 14hours competition. Ending as number 7 overall and clear winner in my Age Group – an hour ahead of the second old man.

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