12. oktober 2015

How do I feel?

How do I feel 2 days after finishing my 20th Ironman (and 5th World Championship)?

Terrible! Legs hurting, some blisters (have had more in previous races), will probably loose a few toenails. Walking as an old(er) man, the stairs are painful - hurts to bend the knees. Getting gradually better, legs will be OK in a few days.

(Nice place for diving and snorkeling, we even see a lot of these from our window.)

Just after the race I got light massage, then I picked up my bike and we rode home (only 4.5 miles). Was not really hungry. Had a light meal which I ate 1/5 of. Lots of adrenaline and pain - no sleeping the first night.

Quiet yesterday (day after the race ) - spent most of the time close to our flat - by the pool, a bit movement in the water. Stomach and appetite gradually gets normal, Close to full night sleep this night.

Head a bit empty - enough of Ironman Triathlon for now. Have been much focus on my self and my body for a long time, looking forward to some "normal" travel and vacation days.

(While I'm wondering which big race I will attend next year. I have decided to not go back to Hawaii next year, even if I should qualify.)

11. oktober 2015

According to plan until 10miles left

The day started fine with a nice and relaxing swim. A bit fighting in the start and turnaround - the rest just gliding along without spending much energy.

Planned a very conservative bike leg. Didn't want to ruin the legs before the marathon. It was very hot and windy, pored water on my neck and body several times to cool down. Strong headwind the last 50km which resulted in a lousy time (but as usual, my best part of the competition).

Started the run after approx 6.45. Legs felt good, even if I run slowly. Did not push at all the first 10miles - with a speed that would give marathon time approx 4 hours - below 11 total time.
Felt good and kept the speed quite well till 16 miles.  Then the front of higher legs just locked - no chance of running. Started to walk a long downhill, hoping to be able to run the long flat section, but no chance. Continued to walk, loosing a lot of time. On next uphill the legs gradually loosened up, and I was able to run to finish - 11.23, way below my target.
(The problems is related to lacking run training - I wasn't better today.)
Ended as 86 in my age group (213  participants, and just ended in the upper part of the 2300 partisipants - and before the 100.000 that tried to qualify).

The nice part is that the my bad hip, hamstrings, lower legs and achilles managed it without making problems, thanks to the marvelous massage I've got every day. I'm a very lucky man, married with Bente (do also have many other reasons than the massage).

10. oktober 2015

Pictures from my last training ride

Last preparations

Started the day with 15min oceanswim,  focused on relaxed speed.
Breakfast and 45 min bike, including some hill intervals (3*3min) at high intensity to make my body ready.
Then massage and bike checkin.
Drinking lots of water, light meals (pasta and bread - avoiding food that ingests slowly.)
And more relaxing - at the moment by the waterfront pool in the nice weather, sunny and warm - approx 35 Celsius.
Sunset in an hour  (picture from yesterday).

Will go early to bed, up at 4.45 for a light meal (bread w/a bit cheese&chicken ), then biking to the start area. Start 6.55. Finish before 17?
(Subtract 12 hours for CET).

Long day, I'll try to avoid too much fighting at the swim, try to relax and don't overdo it on the ride to set me up for a proper running form - need a bit power left to run 42km.

2000 bikes ready for the race

Last day before the race. All bikes and bags with run and bike equipment to be checked in.
I'm as ready I can be after a year filled with problems (injuries, sickness and too much to do at work), limited training.
Hoping for a 1.15 swim and close to 5h  bike ride - and to survive the run ( without walking). Hoping to go below 11 hours totally - best case sub 10.30.
Looking forward to a long, hot, fun and hard day.

Start 6.55 (17.55 in Norway). Can be followed on www.ironman.com "athlete tracker""

9. oktober 2015

In the jungle

After the morning swim, we spent most of the day in the trees - gliding in the ziplines and walking on hanging bridges high up in the threes.
And a visit to a new beach.
Ended this second rest day with race-meeting, last instructions and rules of the race. (Mainly spooled time, nothing new.)
Tomorrow is last day before the race, I'm soon ready.

8. oktober 2015

Swim and underpants run

Started this second rest day with 25 min swim. Up from the water, the annual underpants run took place.

(Google "underpants run" to check what it is about.)

Parade of the Nation's

The picture is from the parade yesterday - a part of the tradition. Nice to meet the other Norw partisipants.

Today was rest day.  45 min swimming, 15min running and some small bike trips.

The weather is unusual, more skies, even a few raindrops in the afternoon - more wind, heat and moisture. I'm getting used to it - relaxed in the sun while others were seeking shadow today.

Soon ready for the race!

No need to travel for a nice view.

7. oktober 2015

Buzy day

Hard morning swim, then breakfast and more relaxed swim looking at colorful fishes at the beach. (And more relaxed sunbathing. )
1,5 hours bike ride with hill intervals in the heat, it's close to boiling temperature.
Then to the center to pick up start number etc - buy new tires (got a flat).
Day ending with the Nations Parade (more about that later) and changing the tires.
Rest day tomorrow, only swimming (and a short run and ride....)

6. oktober 2015


Ready for a short run in the heat

Long swim

Start of swim is right behind me, turnaround close to the white building in the background.
New warm day, started with 1/2 hour swim here, spent a bit time at the beach, and 1/2 hour run.
And some more swimming, surfing and cycling (just for transport, a few trips to the center 5km away).
- Nice and hot vacation.

5. oktober 2015

Rough sea, low winds

Started first morning with a swim - rough sea, will be challenging if it's like this on Saturday.
In the warmest part of the day, I rode the last 80km of the bike leg with Per Morten (one of the other Norw participants). High speed, low winds and decent heat, just above 30 - but feels hotter on first day in the heat and high humidity.
I felt Ok at beginning, crucing in the tailwind at 50-65km/h, but after 2 hours I was empty. No power left...
I don't worry, guess it's because of first day after long travel and/or not taking care of my nutrition. Will be better prepared Saturday.

4. oktober 2015

Nice view

We finally arrived to this beutiful flat on the beach. Lovely warm water, had a short swim before sunset, then I had a short run, needed some movement after so many hours just sitting. (While Bente just enjoyed the sunset - ref picture.)
More swimming and a bike ride tomorrow!

3. oktober 2015

Breakfast in San Francisco

Total travel time is close to 30 hours,  we got a good night sleep close to the airport. Now just 2 flights to Kona, Hawaii.
(As you see on the picture, at least my hearcut is ready for a long day in the heat.)

1. oktober 2015

Bike in a bag

No, it's never any problem to get it with me on the plain.
No, I never know before if or how much extra to pay for it.
Yes, I normally get it when arriving, sometimes next day.
Our trip starts tomorrow morning, Hawaii Saturday afternoon.