10. oktober 2015

Last preparations

Started the day with 15min oceanswim,  focused on relaxed speed.
Breakfast and 45 min bike, including some hill intervals (3*3min) at high intensity to make my body ready.
Then massage and bike checkin.
Drinking lots of water, light meals (pasta and bread - avoiding food that ingests slowly.)
And more relaxing - at the moment by the waterfront pool in the nice weather, sunny and warm - approx 35 Celsius.
Sunset in an hour  (picture from yesterday).

Will go early to bed, up at 4.45 for a light meal (bread w/a bit cheese&chicken ), then biking to the start area. Start 6.55. Finish before 17?
(Subtract 12 hours for CET).

Long day, I'll try to avoid too much fighting at the swim, try to relax and don't overdo it on the ride to set me up for a proper running form - need a bit power left to run 42km.

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