30. juni 2009

The finish line

I got the 'evidence' of why the competition in my age group was much harder than last year; bad tactics. Last year was normal, some of the top guys did not want the trip to WorldChamps in Hawaii, and their slots goes to the next man on the list. Then number 9 with a time of 10.21h got the last slot. Too many checked last years results, and selected this race as their qualification race, hoping for an easy slot. The result: Very though to qualify this year. (Ironically, the man that got the last slot in 2008, made a copy this year, 10.21 again, in place 24 - almost 30 min too late for qual.)

Mission completed

Better time than expected 9.53, but harder competition in my age group. Number 5, and qualified:)

Cento is ready

On my way to check is the bike(her name is Wilier Cento Crono), and the rest of cycling and running gear.

2 bikes in a small room

I rented a commuter bike today, to be able to move around while keeping my legs fully rested for the race. Have just been nearby, relaxing in the sun after the morning swim. Met an american today, he broke his neck in a bike accident in the race 3 years ago. He is ok now, will race Sunday. Yes, i'll be a bit careful in the decents...

29. juni 2009

Mission completed!

Sorry for late update from the race, the internet at my hotel is not working. Here is the short story, pictures will follow later.

A very crowded swim start, a lot of beats and kicks when almost 3000 starts at the same time. Other athlets all over, felt I didn't get enogh air - as usual in these starts. Relaxed after a while, and completed the swim without using too much power. 1hour9minutes were slower than expected, but everybody used long time. And when I saw all the other bikes still standing when I picked mine, I realized it was a good swim. (I'll never become a good swimmer).
Passed a lot of my competors on the first 20km flat part of the bike leg, then the hills started, first some minor (4-5km),, a bit flat and downhill then THE hill - 21 km up to 1120meters. Started conservative, using low gear in the heat (30 centigrades). Still 110 km left on the top where I speeded up and bypassed a lot other cyclists, then partly flat and some minor hills, got a bit cramp in one of them. slowed down a bit, and it helped. Then the long, fast decents - speed 60-70kph, except in some of the sharp turns. Noticed the cramp noe and then, and took it easy the last 20flat km. Even if I didn't push 100%, the time 5hours 15minutes for the 180km hilly bike part were better than expected.
Due the cramps I started the run carefully, just let my legs move without pushing along Promenade d'Angles. But I checked the speed - fast enough. Felt the cramp now and then, and pain in the stomack after each aid station (a glass of Coke). Just ignored it and followed my plan, coke and some salt tablets. Got more exhausted and painful legs, needed my mental strenght too keep going in the heat. Due the stomack and cramp I didn't start my final kick as usual with 10km to go, I just kept going and increased the speed significant the last 3km. A shocking good run, 3h21min is my second fastest marathon run(as part of an Ironman).
Total time 9h53min, number 71 of the 3000 competitors. With a lot thougher competitors than last year, I was only number 5 in my age group (358competitors in M45-49) - and I am qualified for the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii October 10.
I felt very optimistic when I stated my goal for a sub 10 race - 9.53 is superb!

And my family is happy; looking forward to a 2 weeks holiday in Hawaii!

Today I'm just relaxing - a trip to the beach, cycling around. Is of course very tired, hurting legs and blisters on my feet. Almost no sleep tonight because of the pain. Gets thougher for every year....

27. juni 2009

All preparations done

It is a warm day, I'm wearing long sleeves to protect from the sun, dont't want to overheat or be burnt by the sun today, will be hot tomoorrow.

Delivered my bike, bike- and running gear. Everything is lined up in order; needed to get a smooth competition when 3000 athletes shall find the bag with bike gear after the swim, then the bike - and after 180km leave the bike and find the bag with running shoes.
I also mixed my bottles with sport drink; 3 on the bike + 2 that I can collect in the middle of the bike leg. (There is aid stationns with sport drink every 20km on the bike leg, but I have my own stuff that I know my gut handles well). In addition I will take some bottles with water, and a lot of coca cola on the run.

I checked the final start lists; 258competitors in my AG, and 5 qualification slots for the World Championship in Hawaii - I'll do my best.

Tomorrow is the day

Spent yesterday doing as little as possible - just relaxing in the sun (in addition to a morning swim). Have rented a commuter bike to save my legs as much as possible.

Had a short high intensity run this morning, just preparing the body for tomorrow:
-Start 06:30
- 3860m swim in the Sea, just outside Promenade d'Angles (the beach avenue here in Nice). Followed by
- 180km biking, up in the moutains (up to 1120 meters), followed by
- 42,2km run(marathon) on Promenade d'Angles (several rounds)

3200participants, 250 in my age group (M45-49).

My goal: Have a fun day and a good race.
- With a hope to be in top 3 (in my AG). But anything can happen, minor details can result in 30-60minutes extra - and a place much lower in the ranking.

25. juni 2009

2 hours on the bike and more important activities

Checked parts of the bike leg, got my start number. Then the top pri activity: Rest, relax, and get adapted to the clima.
I have actually done a lot of preparations today: Mounted and checked my bike. Swimming and checked the start place. Registration (takes some time). Monted and marked misc. equipement (start number on 4 bags, on bike, on competition suit, on helmet, mounted chip on bike.) And read through the rules and regulations for the race.
Asle, my friend in Stavanger Triathlonklubb arrived in Nice with his family this afternooon - but he didn't get his bike and a lot of his and his family's luggage; he has to do some shopping tonight.

Morning swim

Arrived last night. Started the day with a swim in the warm water. A nice start of a sunny day.

22. juni 2009

Bike ready

Monday: Bike to work with some intensity (treshold work), low intensity back home. 50min running, including short intervals (6* 400m at high speed).

Then it was time for packing; first the bike into my solid bike hard-shell bag; making it difficult for even the most experienced airport luggage handler to destroy it.
Then the rest of the competition equipement (shoes, helmet, run gear, swim gear...) into the bike bag. Then nutrition for the competition, training equipment, and finally some street wear stuff - I'm not going to exercise 24H a day.

Today, Tuesday is a rest & swim day; relaxed bike to/from work and 30min swimming in the afternoon.

20. juni 2009

Top speed - 1 week left

Top speed in many ways; beeing host at 2 birthday parties (my daughter), moving our new boat (a day's work) and major installation work this weekend.

And training - low volume with higher intensity and speed with recovery days between.
I'm close to top form:
- Running goes fast, have got my fast and economical running form back.
- Bike still OK.
- 2 outdoor swims this week. I'm touching old "PR's" on my standard aprox 750m stretch across the lake, even if i don't push it and have moderate conditions, too much waves for max speed.

I'm optimistic regarding Ironman France next Sunday!
Travelling Wednesday afternoon.

Training details:
Monday.: Fixie bike to work - 25km, treshold speed. Running in the evening, 20minutes speed (less than 4min/km, last km 3.35) + warmup and cooldown jog.
Tuesday: Bike low intensity 45minutes.
Wednesday: Fixie bike to job, moderate speed (zone 2). Runninng when arrived 5 * 1km intervalls (+ cool down run). 1 H ride home in moderate/high speed)
Thursday bike treshold to job, some high speed work on my way home.
Friday: 25km bike (planned rest day, but needed some transport)
Saturday 1hour run in marathon sppeed (4.10min/km, last km 3.48 without any push). 40min swim.
Sunday (planned) 1H bike at moderate speed.

Total 7H15 bike, 3H run, 1H20 svøm = 11h30

18. juni 2009

Ny båt!

Har ikke noe med triathlon å gjøre, men seilbåten vår er fin! Ser liten ut der den ligger mellom store båter, men tror at 30fot er stort nok for oss... I morgen tar vi vår første tur.

13. juni 2009


Avsluttet uken med svømming og "Dress rehearsal" - trening med fullt konkurranseutstyr, slik at alt blir sjekket - 2 uker igjen til Ironman France.
Svømmetreningene skjer nå også kun i våtdrakt; er såpass forskjellig å svømmme med at trening er viktig. Var kjempevarmt i bassenget på mandagstreningen, og på grensen kaldt ute på fredag.

Jeg er klar; svømmingen går fort, syklingen bra, og løpingen likeså. Lørdagens økt bestod av 2 timers sykling i konkurransetempo med rask overgang til 1.5 times løp, gikk uventet fort. (4.15 fart, avsluttet under 4 uten å presse meg.)

Hanet sannelig på 16 timer denne uken, neste uke blir det klart mindre for å samle overskudd..

Ukens trening:
Mandag rolig sykkel til/fra jobb – slitne bein. 1T15min svømming – i drakt inne, varmt, gikk fort
Tirsdag sykkel(fixie) til jobb om Kverneland, med harde drag og spurter (over terskel), typisk formtoppøkt. Rolig hjem. Kveld run 2, 31min I 3:50-4:00 fart (1t 15min totalt). Gikk overraskende lett..
Onsdag rolig til/fra jobb
Torsdag terskel til jobb (E39), rolig hjem. Sykkel terskel kveld 3*17min (Oltedal)
Fredag rolig til/fra jobb, litt slitne bein. 30min svømming ute
Lørdag “Dress rehearsal”. 2T sykkel IM tempo (Og litt roligere imellom) til Høle + run 3; 1t30min I 4.15 tempo (lot beina gli) – under 4 på slutten!!
Søndag 35min svøm ute

2t20 svøm, 11sykkel, 2.45 løp = 16 timer

7. juni 2009

Den lengste treningsuken

Bakkene opp til Skykula på 906 m.o.h. er lange (for ordens skyld, jeg tok bildet på veien ned - stopper selvsagt ikke på veien oppover:-)

Den siste virkelig lange og tøffe treningsuken (over 18t trening) er over, fremover blir det gradvis mindre mengde for å være oppladet til Nice. Det var riktignok mer timer i den uken jeg var i Telemark, denne uken er mer komplett med 3 gode løpeøkter og 2 svømmeøkter i tillegg til syklingen.

Bildet er fra søndagens tur; først 1 time flatt (hvor jeg kjørte 30 min på terskel), så 1 time klatring opp til Skykula, deretter ned og hjm, igjen med 30min på terskel. Var sliten i beina da jeg startet, men det løsnet etter hvert og gikk fort...

Forøvrig en max treningsuke, hvor jeg også har fått 3 gode løpeøkter, også løpingen går bra. Og årets to første svømmeturer ute, deilig å slippe klor...

Ukens trening
Mandag 5t15min sykkel, inkl 2 ganger opp til Giljastølen (5km oppover og opp til Hunnedalen (800moh). 35 min svøm UTE, den første turen gikk fint og fort.
Tirsdag sykkel til/fra jobb, sone 1-2. Løp 2t sone 1-2, slitne bein, 4.40 fart.
Onsdag 40min svøm, intervaller ute (var sliten i armene)
Torsdag terskel o/Kverneland til jobb, rolig hjem. Løp: Kortintervaller, totalt 1 time inkl oppvarming og nedkjøring.
Fredag rolig sykling til jobb
Lørdag løp – tempodrag: 52min i 4.10 fart + oppvarming/nedkjøring. Funket overraskende fint.
Søndag litt under 4 t sykkel derav 30min drag terskeldrag, 1t bakke opp til Skykula, 30min terskeldrag drag hjem

Jevnt slitne bein, men kroppen funker fint og jeg kan holde bra intensitet og fart.
Totalt 13 sykkel, 4løp og 1t15min svømming: over 18 timer.
Alt i rute!