27. juni 2009

Tomorrow is the day

Spent yesterday doing as little as possible - just relaxing in the sun (in addition to a morning swim). Have rented a commuter bike to save my legs as much as possible.

Had a short high intensity run this morning, just preparing the body for tomorrow:
-Start 06:30
- 3860m swim in the Sea, just outside Promenade d'Angles (the beach avenue here in Nice). Followed by
- 180km biking, up in the moutains (up to 1120 meters), followed by
- 42,2km run(marathon) on Promenade d'Angles (several rounds)

3200participants, 250 in my age group (M45-49).

My goal: Have a fun day and a good race.
- With a hope to be in top 3 (in my AG). But anything can happen, minor details can result in 30-60minutes extra - and a place much lower in the ranking.

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