20. juni 2009

Top speed - 1 week left

Top speed in many ways; beeing host at 2 birthday parties (my daughter), moving our new boat (a day's work) and major installation work this weekend.

And training - low volume with higher intensity and speed with recovery days between.
I'm close to top form:
- Running goes fast, have got my fast and economical running form back.
- Bike still OK.
- 2 outdoor swims this week. I'm touching old "PR's" on my standard aprox 750m stretch across the lake, even if i don't push it and have moderate conditions, too much waves for max speed.

I'm optimistic regarding Ironman France next Sunday!
Travelling Wednesday afternoon.

Training details:
Monday.: Fixie bike to work - 25km, treshold speed. Running in the evening, 20minutes speed (less than 4min/km, last km 3.35) + warmup and cooldown jog.
Tuesday: Bike low intensity 45minutes.
Wednesday: Fixie bike to job, moderate speed (zone 2). Runninng when arrived 5 * 1km intervalls (+ cool down run). 1 H ride home in moderate/high speed)
Thursday bike treshold to job, some high speed work on my way home.
Friday: 25km bike (planned rest day, but needed some transport)
Saturday 1hour run in marathon sppeed (4.10min/km, last km 3.48 without any push). 40min swim.
Sunday (planned) 1H bike at moderate speed.

Total 7H15 bike, 3H run, 1H20 svøm = 11h30

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