21. mai 2010

A day in the shadow

Will be enough sun tomorrow.
Had just 30min swim yesterday (restday 2). Spent a lot of time in the sun, getting some tan, and with a day without sun today I hopfully will handle a long day in the sun tomorrow. The race is thoug enough without sunburn.

What are my goals for the race?
1. A fun race, knowing I've done my best.
2. Qualify for the world champ in Hawaii,
3. Get a podium place in my age group.

All targets are realistic IF I have a good race - but the competition is though. 260 competitors in my AG, and with a lot of minor injuries that mainly have affected my running, I need a very good race to reach my goals. But I will be very satisfied if I only reach goal number 1 and 2. (There are 5 og 6 worls champ slots for my AG in this race.)

I started this day with a few hard and short hill-intervals on the bike, then breakfast. Afterwards relaxing and mixing my energy-bottles for tomorrow. The rest of the day will be more relaxing, and delivery of the bike and equipement to the race area.

The race start 07.00 tomorrow with 3800m swim in the sea (rough start with 1500 competitors sterting together), then continue with the 180k ride and 42.2k run.
Hopefully I'm finished within 10h30min (Time for the last Hawaii-slot last year was 10.39 - but this year is a completely new race.) I'll do my best!

The race can be followed on www.ironman.com - there is an "athlete tracker" where each person can be followed.

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