9. oktober 2010

Bike checked in

The bike and run-gear is checked in, waiting for me tomorrow morning.

Done all the preparations I can do, including an hour on the bike, mainly slowly but with some short and intense intervalls (3*3min). Got such colored tape on my problem foot yesterday, and new massage today - the foot realy feels GOOD now. I'm optimistic.

Hoping for a good swim (faster than 1.15 is good for me - even if it's in the middle of the pack). My bike form have been briliant, hoping for 5.15 (or faster if low winds) and then the run; I need to be realistic - must be satisfied if faster than 3.45 tomorrow. I'll try to start with a 3.30 speed, and hoping not to slow down too much at the end. Due changing conditions, the finish times don't give so much information. 2 year ago I was number 35 in my age group, will be very pleased if get close to this, or even better.

The most important is to have a fun day without any accident, a day where I manage to do my best - dig into the deepest - and run to the finish line knowing I couldn't have done it better. No matter what the finish time is.

The weather here is changing, usually some skies during the day which cools things down a bit. Seems like I don't get my favourite realy hot weather.

The rest of the day will be spent relaxing on the veranda, the beach - and with my friends in the water.

Early up tomorrow; race start 07:00 (19.00 Saturday Norw. time) - wake up call 04.30.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Lykke til Alfred, vi heier på deg fra Stavanger.

    Ha det gøy og nyt det :)

    Mvh Jan-Morten

  2. Lykke til i morgen Alfred! Vi ses på Highway 270!

  3. Den som kunne stått i solsteika i bakken opp til highway'en og kikket etter deg i dag... det hadde vært noe det. :-) Kjenner oppmerksomheten min forsvinner dit når jeg leser om forberedelsene.
    jeg skulle nok vært med - men jeg heier på deg herfra:-)

  4. du har glemt å si hva nr du har..