4. oktober 2010

From the hotel

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I'v been here 4 times before, and I still get amazed by the sunset every evening....

The weather has been strange one of the locals told me - there have been rain, and it's cold.
It's not as hot as last year, but still no need for anything warmer than a t-short and shorts when it gets "colder" in the evening. And no rain today, partly cloudy and enough sun for my skin. (I guess the temperature was down to 20centigrades before sunrise this morning, with a maximum of 30-35 in the middle of the day)

Had a nice 45min swim in the ocean after breakfast, then some shopping and collecting my rental bike. (I need a bike to get around, don't want to park my racing bike outside shops etc.)
Afterward it was time for the main training leg, 2hours cycling on the Queen K - parts of the bike leg in the Ironman. Did some hard work (4*10minuetes treshold intervals). During this part I met and bypassed Chris Lieto, the fastest cyclist last year. (Well - I had only the fast tempo for 10min, while he had a constant speed...)

There is not much time left for training now; I'll do some serious swimming and a little bit cycling and running - and relax and enjoy the area.

This weeks training:
Mon: Intervalls on bike to work, low intensity on the ride home (approx 1h30min total). 1h20 swimming –intervalls
Tue: Low intensity bike to/from work. 1H on tri-bike, including 3*10min intervalls – up to maximum speed.
Wed: Low intensity bike to/from work. 20min run – still pain in the achilles
Thu: Low intensity to work – intervalls on my way home. (A bit heavy legs)
Fri-Sat: Travel + 20 min swimming
Sunday: 45min swimming, 2H on the bike in cluding 4*10min treshold intervals
Totally 2h swim, 20min running and 9h on the bike.

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