6. oktober 2010

I can run!

40min running today in the heat. My leg hurts, but will make it Saturday. As expected, I don't have my 'old' speed and running form due too many missed run workouts.

I also had a bike session; some climbing to really feel (and get adapted to) the heat. It's less clouds and warmer now, better for each day. I'm still hoping for a very hot race, the 40 centigrades we had last year was fantastic.

Tonight I'll join the 'Nations parade' followed by dinner with the other Norwegians.
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And of course I spent some hours relaxing in the sun and swimming with Nemo and his friends.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Det er bra, Alfred. Krysser fingrene for at foten fungerer på lørdag. Lykke til!
    MVH Sven

  2. Du æ gal!! 40 grder?? :-D !! Det æ ikkje typisk norsk... Mæn håpar det slær te, slik at det bli som det passar deg!
    Håpar veldig at foten funkar når det værkleg gjell!!